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Alternative Press Magazine Subscription

Alternative Press Magazine Subscription

12 issues per year

A typical issue of AP features in depth looks at your favorite bands before the mainstream ever gets wind of them, as well as profiles of up and coming actors, hot new fashions, plenty of DIY ideas, a comprehensive reviews section, amp much more.

Best Deal: $0.75 per issue from CSSMag.com with coupon code Save10 ($8.96 for 12 issues)

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Merchant Title Issues Price Coupon Code Discount Price Per Issue  
CSSMag.com Alternative Press Magazine Subscription 12 $9.95 Save10 $8.96 $0.75 Visit Store
Magazineline Alternative Press Magazine Subscription 12 $14.99   $14.99 $1.25 Visit Store
Alternative Medicine Magazine Subscription  

Alternative Medicine Magazine Subscription

Alternative Medicine magazine offers information on natural ways of healthy living. Learn more about the science behind good health foods and natural therapies in each issue of Alternative Medicine magazine.

  from $22.45
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Natural Solutions FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Magazine Subscription  

Natural Solutions FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Magazine Subscription

Natural Solutions Magazine FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE covers the entire world of natural health, providing original, vital information that is authoritative, exciting and understandable. Most of all, it is information readers can use to enhance th

  from $26.95
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Press Journal Newspaper  

Press Journal Newspaper

1 month

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1 Year, 12 issues Alternative Press Magazine is the ultimate guide to the new and hip. A.P. Magazine includes music, videos, books, movies, fanzine reviews, upcoming release listings, music charts from the people who know musicians and readers, the latest news from inside the world of music, well researched music journalism, first looks at today's up and coming bands, and guides to the hippest scenes. Alternative Press Magazine also features in depth interviews, contests, and giveaways. Provocative and entertaining, A.P. is the most respected source of new music information today.

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