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Archaeology Magazine Subscription

Archaeology Magazine Subscription

6 issues per year

Articles are written by professionals and edited for the general reader.

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5 Star Rating 1 Reviews

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Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine Subscription  

Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 6 issues Biblical Archaeology Review Magazine is the only magazine that connects the academic study of archaeology to a broad general audience eager to understand the world of the Bible. Covering both the Old and New Testaments, BAR presents

  from $13.97
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Current World Archaeology Magazine Subscription  

Current World Archaeology Magazine Subscription

Digs and discoveries from around the world.

  from $29.95
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More Descriptions For Archaeology Magazine Subscription


Articles are written by professionals and edited for the general reader.


Articles are written by professionals and edited for the general reader.


1 Year, 6 issues Archaeology Magazine is one of two publications of the Archaeological Institute of America, a 125 year old nonprofit organization. The magazine has been published continuously for more than 50 years. Archaeology's feature length articles cover all corners of the globe. Articles have covered such diverse topics as royal animal mummies, the discovery of an ancient Greek city swallowed by the sea, cultural heritage in Afghanistan under the Taliban, how Native Americans in the Southwest profited from an eleventh century volcanic eruption, objects featured in the odd paintings of Hieronymous Bosch that have been found in excavations of his hometown as well as photo essays on Etruscan tombs and the terra cotta solders of China and profiles of people who have made great contributions to archaeology. Publishing bimonthly, it brings to readers all of the exciting aspects of archaeology adventure, discovery, culture, history, and travel.


Explore ancient mysteries, past civilizations, new discoveries, and the worlds collective heritage through Archaeology. Archaeology Magazine revises, reinterprets, even rewrites the history and prehistory of the human past.


Archaeology combines worldwide archaeological findings with photography, specially rendered maps, drawings, and charts. Articles cover current excavations, recent discoveries, and special studies of ancient cultures. Regular features Timelines, news briefs, film and book reviews, current museum exhibits, The Forum. Two annual Travel Guides give trip planning information.


Archaeology is a science magazine devoted to the world of archaeology, as well as the history of the ancient civilizations it uncovers.


Archaeology magazine brings the ancient world to life. Each issue offers incisive reporting, vivid storytelling, compelling photography, and the latest news from around the globe. Whether reporting from an Arctic shipwreck, trekking through Afghanistan, or digging just beneath Beirut, Archaeology brings readers the science, and the magic, of archaeological discovery.

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