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CosmopolitanMarie Claire Combo Magazine Subscription

CosmopolitanMarie Claire Combo Magazine Subscription

This great women's magazine combo includes 12 issues of Cosmopolitan and 11 issues of Marie Claire magazine. Featuring the latest on fashion, beauty and style tips and trends, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire are women's magazines for the confident, saavy, fierce and fun woman who wants it all.

Price: $0.96 per issue from Magazines.Com ($22.00 for 23 issues)

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Merchant Title Issues Price Coupon Code Discount Price Per Issue  
Magazines.Com CosmopolitanMarie Claire Combo Magazine Subscription 23 $22.00   $22.00 $0.96 Visit Store
Marie Claire Magazine Subscription  

Marie Claire Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 11 issues Marie Claire Magazine is a fashion, beauty and shopping magazine for women of the world.

  from $8.39
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Marie Claire Digital Edition Magazine Subscription  

Marie Claire Digital Edition Magazine Subscription

Marie Claire explores the passions and events that shape and intrigue today's woman. It serves as a monthly guide to what's going on in the world of the sophisticated woman. Articles cover fashion, beauty, celebrity gossip, fitness, and relationships

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Create Your Own 4 Pack Combo  

Create Your Own 4 Pack Combo 5 Star Rating

Create your own package of any four magazines from a large selection of magazines. Each subscription is for one year.

  from $35.00
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