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Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription

Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription

12 issues per year

Discover Highlights High Five Magazine, the sensational magazine from Highlights that's just right for the emerging skills of children ages 2 to 6. Engaging activities promote reading readiness, spark the imagination and build confidence.

Best Deal: $3.00 per issue from CSSMag.com with coupon code Save10 ($35.99 for 12 issues)

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Merchant Title Issues Price Coupon Code Discount Price Per Issue  
CSSMag.com Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription 12 $39.99 Save10 $35.99 $3.00 Visit Store
Magazines.Com Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription 12 $39.99   $39.99 $3.33 Visit Store
Magazineline Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription 12 $39.99   $39.99 $3.33 Visit Store
Highlights High Five Bilingue2 6 Magazine Subscription  

Highlights High Five Bilingue2 6 Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 12 issues From Highllights, High Five Bilingue features a range of read along stories and poems, crafts, games and puzzles in Spanish and English, to help children ages 2 to 6 become confident speakers, readers and writers in both languages.

More Information
Highlights High Five Bilingue Magazine Subscription  

Highlights High Five Bilingue Magazine Subscription

Highlights High Five Bilingue is the perfect magazine for young children ages 2 6 who are learning English and Spanish. Each 40 page monthly issue brings a mix of read aloud and read along stories, poems, puzzles and activities in Spanish that are re

  from $35.99
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Highlights Magazine Subscription  

Highlights Magazine Subscription

Highlights features Hidden PicturesR, stories, puzzles, jokes, crafts, riddles and other popular activities have made this the world's best loved children's magazine. It's Fun with a PurposeR for ages 6 to 12!

  from $35.99
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More Descriptions For Highlights High Five Magazine Subscription


Highlights High Five is a children's magazine for preschoolers and kindergartners ages 2 6. It's a fun, easy to read educational tool full of a variety of stories and learning activities that children and parents can enjoy together. This is the perfect magazine celebrating early childhood! A subscription to the print version of Highlights also includes digital access as well.


1 Year, 12 issues Highlights High Five will help you encourage your child s development and give you an ideal opportunity for one on one fun together. It s the perfect magazines for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2 to 6. Each monthly issue of Highlights High Five Magazine brings 36 pages of read along stories and poems, simple crafts and recipes, learning games, puzzles for beginners and other activities that can set your child on the path to becoming a lifelong learner. Every page reinforces skills that prepare preschoolers for reading, math and other areas of learning. High Five also offers positive role models and constructive activities that help build character and self confidence.

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