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Astronomy: 1 Year $17.96
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Entertainment Weekly: 1 Year $29.95
ESPN: 1 Year $7.50
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InStyle: 1 Year $14.50
In Touch: 1 Year $59.97
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Model Railroader: 1 Year $27.90
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Newsweek: 1 Year $79.99
Playboy: 1 Year $19.95
Robb Report: 1 Year $24

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Scientific American: 1 Year $29.99
Sports Illustrated: 1 Year $20
Southern Living: 1 Year $19.95
Time: 1 Year $24.95
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Us Weekly: 1 Year $29.99
Wall Street Journal: 3 Mos $12
Woman's World: 1 Year $59


Us Weekly
1 Year $29.99
Sports Illustrated
1 Year $20
1 Year $14.50
3 Mos $12

1 Year $105
New Yorker
2 Year $99
Womens Health Magazine Subscription  

Womens Health Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Women’s Health is the must read magazine for women who want to live life to its fullest. Every issue of the magazine is a manual to better, healthier living in two key respects—physically and emotionally. Women’s Health magazine is your source

  from $13.47
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Shape Magazine Subscription  

Shape Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Shape Magazine is lifestyle magazine for todays women. Every issue is devoted to delivering information on the various aspects of physical fitness and nutrition. In today's world its harder than ever for a women on the go to stay healthy and in shape

  from $13.47
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Psychology Today Magazine Subscription  

Psychology Today Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Psychology Today Magazine focuses on human behavior and society and how the latest research in psychology can be applied to improve relationships and other aspects of our lives. It explores the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of daily life.

  from $17.97
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Mens Health Magazine Subscription  

Mens Health Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Men's Health Magazine is designed to help men obtain a well rounded, healthy lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit. Men's Health Magazine discusses exercise techniques, tips about diet, and includes columns to help with your emotional and mental well b

  from $12.95
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Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription  

Diabetic Living Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 4 issues Diabetic Living Magazine encompasses your diabetic lifestyle, including health information, recipes, fitness tips, and real stories about diabetic people and their lifestyles.

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Weight Watchers Magazine Subscription  

Weight Watchers Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 6 issues Weight Watchers Magazine brings all the tips and success of the program to your doorstep. A subscription to Weight Watchers promotes an all around healthy lifesltyle through its articles on healthy foods, recipes, fitness reginmens a

  from $11.61
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Prevention Magazine Subscription  

Prevention Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 12 issues Prevention Magazine helps people live healthier lives by keeping you up to date on the latest medical technology developments and offering advice on how to prevent sicknesses and injuries before they occur. Each issue of Prevention

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Flex Magazine Subscription  

Flex Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 12 issues Flex Magazine is the most popular and authoritative magazine for bodybuilders published today! It's for serious weight lifters who want to find out the best ways to add size and symmetry using champion level workout routines. Every

  from $18.99
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Muscle Fitness Magazine Subscription  

Muscle Fitness Magazine Subscription 4 Star Rating

Muscle and Fitness magazine is the best lifestyle magazine for strengthening and building the body. Muscle Fitness includes expert advice for men and women of all levels of fitness. In every issue weight training routines that work for you, nutrition

  from $25.00
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Yoga Journal Magazine Subscription  

Yoga Journal Magazine Subscription 4 Star Rating

1 Year, 9 issues Your guide to more healthful living. Stretch your mind, body and soul with Yoga Journal Magazine. No matter where you live, Yoga Journal Magazine will connect you with a community of like minded people So stay in the loop. Join the Y

  from $13.49
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The Writer Magazine Subscription  

The Writer Magazine Subscription

Instructing and inspiring writers since 1887, The Writer is an indispensable magazine for both professional and aspiring writers. Each issue includes articles written by leading writers in all fields. Tips on manuscript submission and up to date mark

  from $32.95
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Womens Running Magazine Subscription  

Womens Running Magazine Subscription

If you love hitting the pavement and racking up those miles, then Women's Running Magazine is for you. Each issue is filled with helpful ideas, information, and guides to make the most out of your running and enrich your body and your soul. Training

  from $19.95
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Spirituality and Health Magazine Subscription  

Spirituality and Health Magazine Subscription

About Spirituality Health Spirituality Health is for people who wish to explore the spiritual journey to self knowledge.

  from $22.45
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Runners World Magazine Subscription  

Runners World Magazine Subscription

Running is one of the simplest, yet most effective sports. It requires no special equipment, yet helps you stay fit and healthy. It's no wonder why many of us engage in this activity every day of our lives. Runner's World is a magazine entirely devot

  from $9.97
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Natural Solutions FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Magazine Subscription  

Natural Solutions FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Magazine Subscription

Natural Solutions Magazine FORMERLY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE covers the entire world of natural health, providing original, vital information that is authoritative, exciting and understandable. Most of all, it is information readers can use to enhance th

  from $26.95
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Muscle Fitness Hers Magazine Subscription  

Muscle Fitness Hers Magazine Subscription

This unique health fitness magazine provides women at every fitness level the motivation and information they need to perform their best from workouts to nutrition to mental health advice to fashion.

  from $22.47
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Nutrition Health Review Magazine Subscription  

Nutrition Health Review Magazine Subscription

The editorial focus is on medical progress as well as information that relates to nutritional therapy, genetics, psychiatry, behavior therapy, surgery, pharmacology, animal health and vignettes relating to health and nutrition.

  from $14.39
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Mens Health Advisor Magazine Subscription  

Mens Health Advisor Magazine Subscription

Direct from the renowned Cleveland Clinic, this monthly publication discusses important and vital issues facing men concerned about their health.

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American Survival Guide Magazine Subscription  

American Survival Guide Magazine Subscription

In the American Survival Guide, you will get everything you need to know when disaster strikes and self reliance means the difference between living and dying. American Survival Guide also includes a huge Buyer's Guide with items such as shelters, fi

  from $29.95
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Shape Digital Magazine Subscription  

Shape Digital Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 10 issues Shape Magazine Digital helps women develop a healthy lifestyle to last a lifetime. Upbeat, lively and truthful, Shape gives you instantly useful techniques to make exercise and fitness more varied and fun, helps you trim the fat, an

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