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Astronomy: 1 Year $17.96
Car & Driver: 1 Year $5.40
Cooking Light: 2 Years $24.00
Consumer Reports: 1 Year $23
Discover: 1 Year $14.95
Economist: 1 Year $105
Entertainment Weekly: 1 Year $29.95
ESPN: 1 Year $7.50
Garden & Gun: 1 Year $11.95

InStyle: 1 Year $14.50
In Touch: 1 Year $59.97
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Model Railroader: 1 Year $27.90
National Enquirer: 1 Year $109
New Yorker: 2 Years $99
Newsweek: 1 Year $79.99
Playboy: 1 Year $19.95
Robb Report: 1 Year $24

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Scientific American: 1 Year $29.99
Sports Illustrated: 1 Year $20
Southern Living: 1 Year $19.95
Time: 1 Year $24.95
TV Guide: 1 Year $20
Us Weekly: 1 Year $29.99
Wall Street Journal: 3 Mos $12
Woman's World: 1 Year $59


Us Weekly
1 Year $29.99
Sports Illustrated
1 Year $20
1 Year $14.50
3 Mos $12

1 Year $105
New Yorker
2 Year $99
Crochet World Magazine Subscription  

Crochet World Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Crochet World Magazine brings you the rich world of crocheting to your fingertips. Each issue is full of patterns to make handcrafted dolls, toys, clothing, Afghans and more. Crochet World features easy to understand how to guides with full color pho

  from $16.17
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Wood Magazine Subscription  

Wood Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Wood magazine is designed for woodworkers of all skill level. Each issue is filled with new ideas, easy to follow instructions to boost the skills of any craftsman, tool reviews, woodworker profiles, shop tips and safety advice. This magazine subscri

  from $17.46
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Collectors Crosswords Magazine Subscription  

Collectors Crosswords Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Collector's Crosswords 120 Sunday size puzzles, including many thematic crosswords. Outstanding puzzles ranging from 1 star to 3 star to suit all levels of solvers.

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World of Sudoku Magazine Subscription  

World of Sudoku Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Sudoku is one of the most amazing, challenging, intriguing, and entertaining puzzles to sweep the world in decades. And the more you play, the more you realize how much there is to know!

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Puzzlers Word Search Magazine Subscription  

Puzzlers Word Search Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Dell's original word search magazine, each issue provides 107 fun to solve word searches, including variety puzzles such as Tail Tags, Full Houses, Hidden Numbers, Bingo!, and 10 Tanglewords puzzles. Digest size, 130 pages.

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McCalls Quilting Magazine Subscription  

McCalls Quilting Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

McCall's Quilting magazine is written for quilters of all skill levels. Each issue of McCall's Quilting magazine features beautiful quilting projects with detailed instructions using the latest techniques.

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Model Railroader Magazine Subscription  

Model Railroader Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Since 1934, Model Railroader has been providing its readers with authoritative tips, projects, and detailed photographs to help readers improve their layouts and keep in touch with the hobby.

  from $31.05
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High Times Magazine Subscription  

High Times Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 12 issues High Times is dedicated to news, education, science, entertainment and much more about the world of cannabis.

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Beckett Basketball Magazine Subscription  

Beckett Basketball Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 12 issues Beckett Basketball Magazine is the most comprehensive basketball card price guide in the industry, and the hobbyist's 1 source for accurate and timely information on basketball cards and collectibles.

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Rock Gem Magazine Subscription  

Rock Gem Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 12 issues Rock Gem Magazine provides instruction for the amateur lapidary and mineral hobbyist. Step by step photos show and tell how to create jewelry. Rockhound field trips point out the best areas for collecting. Rock Gem Magazine also inc

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Logic Lovers Logic Problems Magazine Subscription  

Logic Lovers Logic Problems Magazine Subscription

Logic Lover's Logic Problems magazine features math and logic problems that sharpen deductive reasoning and logic skills. Each issue of Logic Lover's Problems magazine is filled with more than 45 puzzles that will satisfy logic lovers of all ages and

More Information
Watercolor Artist Magazine Subscription  

Watercolor Artist Magazine Subscription

Formerly Watercolor Magic, Watercolor Artist Magazine offers step by step instructions in watercolor, acrylic, gouache and other Watercolor Watercolor Artist Formerly WaterColor Magic is edited by the publishers of The Artist's Magazine, and presents

  from $16.65
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Quick Quilts Magazine Subscription  

Quick Quilts Magazine Subscription

Quick Quilts magazine, brought to you by McCall's, is filled with time saving secrets and easy to follow instructions that help you create beautiful quilts in no time at all.

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Digital Photo Pro Magazine Subscription  

Digital Photo Pro Magazine Subscription

Filled with in depth gear reviews, articles on technique and the best inspiring images, Digital Photo Pro is the professional's guide to going digital.

  from $19.97
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Thrasher Magazine Subscription  

Thrasher Magazine Subscription

Thrasher magazine is filled with tons of youth oriented topics such as game reviews, advice columns, fashion tips, and industry gossip from the skateboard and music world. Plus, it also contains color photos, exciting interviews, profiles and much mo

  from $16.65
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Creative Knitting Magazine Subscription  

Creative Knitting Magazine Subscription

Creative Knitting is formerly known as Knitting Digest. Each issue features dozens of easy knitting patterns, book reviews, and articles written by leading craftsman and experts. This magazine subscription will inspire your next project, teach you ho

  from $17.54
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Crafts Report Magazine Subscription  

Crafts Report Magazine Subscription

The Crafts Report is the ultimate resource for the entrepreneurial artist who wants inspiration in addition to business tips. From expert marketing ideas to creative and advanced techniquesThe Crafts Report is an essential part of every artists busin

  from $35.96
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Artists Magazine Subscription  

Artists Magazine Subscription

Directed to the serious amateur artist. Includes feature articles written by artist's for artist's, highlighting today's art work and working methods.

  from $20.69
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Swap Meet Magazine Subscription  

Swap Meet Magazine Subscription

Every issue of Swap Meet details how you can locate the latest and hottest wholesale products and supplies for your business.

  from $22.49
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USA Crosswords Jumbo Magazine Subscription  

USA Crosswords Jumbo Magazine Subscription

110 Challenenging puzzles with interesting and sparkling clues.

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