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: 1 Year $17.96
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Sports Illustrated: 1 Year $20
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Wall Street Journal: 3 Mos $12
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Economist Magazine
1 Yr $105
New Yorker
2 Year $99
1 Year $24
1 Yr $14.95

3 Mos $12
Us Weekly
1 Year $29.99
ArtNexus English Edition Magazine Subscription  

ArtNexus English Edition Magazine Subscription

Leading Latin American magazine ArtNexus is an essential source of information for art collectors and art dealers, plus a reference for anyone interested in Latin American contemporary art.

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Highlights High Five Bilingue Magazine Subscription  

Highlights High Five Bilingue Magazine Subscription

Highlights High Five Bilingue is the perfect magazine for young children ages 2 6 who are learning English and Spanish. Each 40 page monthly issue brings a mix of read aloud and read along stories, poems, puzzles and activities in Spanish that are re

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Hispanic Network Magazine Subscription  

Hispanic Network Magazine Subscription

Hispanic Network Magazine is the Latino lifestyle business and employment magazine. It provides the latest, most important diversity news, covering virtually every industry, business and profession.

  from $16.00
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Latina Magazine Subscription  

Latina Magazine Subscription

Latina magazine is the ultimate fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide for Latina women. Published 10 times a year, the magazine covers Latin entertainment, celebrities and more.

  from $9.97
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People En Espanol Magazine Subscription  

People En Espanol Magazine Subscription

People en Espanol is the leading Hispanic magazine. The magazine features human interest stories as well as coverage of Latino celebrity lives including news, photos, and fashion trends.

  from $9.10
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Portada Magazine Subscription  

Portada Magazine Subscription

Portada's mandate is to help executives in Business and Media understand and reach Hispanic and Latin American consumers. Portada strives to put its audience ahead of the curve so it can navigate change in the digital age. Portada also offers databas

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