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Astronomy: 1 Year $17.96
Car & Driver: 1 Year $5.40
Cooking Light: 2 Years $24.00
Consumer Reports: 1 Year $23
Discover: 1 Year $14.95
Economist: 1 Year $105
Entertainment Weekly: 1 Year $29.95
ESPN: 1 Year $7.50
Garden & Gun: 1 Year $11.95

InStyle: 1 Year $14.50
Men's Health: 1 Year $12.95
Model Railroader: 1 Year $27.90
National Enquirer: 1 Year $109
New Yorker: 2 Years $99
Newsweek: 1 Year $79.99
Penthouse: 1 Year $33.30
Popular Science: 2 Years $13
Robb Report: 1 Year $24

Rolling Stone: 1 Year $12.99
Scientific American: 1 Year $34.99
Sports Illustrated: 1 Year $34.95
Southern Living: 1 Year $19.95
Time: 1 Year $24.95
TV Guide: 1 Year $20
Us Weekly: 1 Year $29.99
Wall Street Journal: 3 Mos $12
Woman's World: 1 Year $59


Us Weekly
1 Year $29.99
1 Yr $14.95
TV Guide
1 Year $20
3 Mos $12

1 Year $105
New Yorker
2 Year $99
American Cheerleader Magazine Subscription  

American Cheerleader Magazine Subscription

American Cheerleader is the only magazine for cheerleaders. Written by cheerleading experts, it covers everything from tryout tips to cheer specific workouts. Packed with stunts, routines, and competition tips, this magazine is a must have for anyone

  from $13.45
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American Girl Magazine Subscription  

American Girl Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

American Girl magazine subscription is an appropriate, entertaining, and informative magazine for girls over eight years old. A great alternative to more traditional teen magazines, each issue of American Girl magazine includes craft ideas, puzzles,

  from $18.48
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Boys Life Ages 7 to 14 Magazine Subscription  

Boys Life Ages 7 to 14 Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Content deals with scouting, sports, science, careers, health, fashion, fiction,games and electronics.Also covers records, books, movies, stamps, coins, and other subjects that interest boys. Ages 7 18

  from $21.60
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Girls Life Digital Magazine Subscription  

Girls Life Digital Magazine Subscription

THIS IS A DIGITAL ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION USED ON TABLETS, COMPUTERS, AND PHONES. FOR THE PRINT VERSION PLEASE GO BACK AND SELECT THE STANDARD VERSION Now you can take GL everywhere you go. You'll get unlimited access to style tips and trends, easy beaut

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Girls Life Magazine Subscription  

Girls Life Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 6 issues Every issue of Girls' Life Magazine is packed with real information and advice including steps to academic success, strategies for dealing with stress, ways to handle peer pressure, self esteem boosters in addition to fresh fashion a

  from $15.21
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Girls World Magazine Subscription  

Girls World Magazine Subscription

A introductory celebrity lifestyle magazine aimed at the tween market of girls aged 6 to 11 years old.

  from $17.55
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J 14 Magazine Subscription  

J 14 Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 6 issues J 14 Magazine is the 1 teen celebrity magazine! Every issue of J 14 is jam packed with posters, fun horoscopes, real life stories, video, TV and music news and so much more! You'll get pictures of today's hottest stars, find out what

  from $14.24
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Justine Magazine Subscription  

Justine Magazine Subscription

Justine Magazine Justine captures the down to earth, real world of teen girls with a focus on a healthy lifestyle. It serves a special niche defined by its positive and uncompromising voice to and for teen girls.

  from $16.16
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MAD Magazine Subscription  

MAD Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Now in color and celebrating its 50th idiotic year, MAD is America's foremost magazine of biting social parody, political humor and world class stupidity.

  from $10.99
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National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription  

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription

Award winning magazine that combines learning with fun. Exciting articles on wildlife, earth, sea, and sky plus challenging puzzles, games, and scientific experiments, for kids 8 up!

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New Moon Girls Magazine Subscription  

New Moon Girls Magazine Subscription

For every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously.

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Pageantry Magazine Subscription  

Pageantry Magazine Subscription

Must reading for Pageant, Talent, Modeling, participants which is also important for directors, judges, teachers, coaches giving information regarding events, prizes, scholarship awards, career goals, success stories by noted famous people and inspir

  from $14.40
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Seventeen Digital Magazine Subscription  

Seventeen Digital Magazine Subscription

THIS IS A DIGITAL ONLINE SUBSCRIPTION. FOR THE PRINT VERSION PLEASE GO BACK AND SELECT THE STANDARD VERSION Bring the pages of Seventeen magazine to life! Get a super discounted year long subscription nownot only will you find tons of amazing style i

  from $13.05
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Seventeen Magazine Subscription  

Seventeen Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

1 Year, 5 issues Seventeen Magazine is the world's most popular magazine for today's teenage girls! In every issue you'll get the latest scoop on style, friends, guys, college, careers, the stars, and love, as well as hot tips on beauty, fashion, fit

  from $8.39
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Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription  

Teen Vogue Magazine Subscription

1 Year, 4 issues Tailored to sophisticated teen sensibilities, Teen Vogue Magazine addresses a full range of teenage interests from celebrities, movies, music, and shopping to peer pressure, body image, and self identity. Teen Vogue Magazine also fea

  from $9.99
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Tiger Beat Magazine Subscription  

Tiger Beat Magazine Subscription

Why do you love BOP Tiger Beat Because we bring you the latest news, hottest pics, and juiciest rumors about all your fave stars. Get the scoop on One Direction, Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber and more! Plus, get the best posters, quizzes and contests!

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